Baroque Couture - Week 5

Week 5:
Mon 18th -  (2 to 5:30)
 Today I made the basic bodice pattern for the final dress in the Ethereal Collection. The final dress is an Art Deco dress which is loose fitting with different layers of lace on the skirt and a lace scull cap and veil. I finished the patterns for the dress and cut them out in the toile fabric. I also met Lucy, a bride who came in to try on her finished wedding dress. The dress still didn't look quite right as the top layer of lace was twisting so I helped Elaina take the final measurements and adjustments to correct the dress.

Tue 19th - (2 to 5)
Because I was only in the shop for 3 hours today, I finished the bodice toile for the Art Deco dress and made a new garter for the shop whilst Elain made the alterations to Lucy's dress.

Thur 21st - (10 to 5)
At the start of the day, Elaina and I went to the local Farm shop to buy lots of flowers and props to make a new Easter themed window display. When we got back to the store we arranged the new displays and I helped Elaina take pictures and upload the images onto her Facebook business site.

 A small mini shoot was planned for today where I would dress up in the Gypsie dress we had both made and Emma (A model of Elaina's) would wear another new dress in the Ethereal collection. Elaina did both our hair and we got the store ready for the mini shoot. A lady called Helen who owns a local events styling business,  also came to the store to take photos to feature on a spread in BTN magazine. Once the shoot was over, I helped Elaina add effects onto a few images using photoshop, and then we also uploaded the images to the Facebook business site to promote the new collection.

Fri 22nd - (12 to 5:30)
 After wearing the Gypsie dress the previous day for the BTN shoot, we discovered that the dress was far too big for me so I spent today removing the zip from the CB and taking in the back abit more so that the dress fit me better. I need to also do this for the other dress Emma is wearing.

Sat 23rd - (10 to 4)
 Helen, the bride I did the alterations for, finally came in to try on her dress the previous weekend and we found that she had lost weight for her wedding and therefore the dress had slipped down and needed taking up again. That weekend, Elaina took the dress up herself and Helen came in today to try on the dress. It fit better and she took the dress home. I also met bride Caroline, who came in to try on her finished dress. I helped with getting her ready and it was a lovely experience to see everyone so happy. Caroline decided that she wanted a shrug to go over her shoulders as the weather is still very cold, so we took her measurements to make a shrug. Another lady came in with a wedding dress she had brought a year ago from ''The Dressing Room' and needed it altering for her Wedding. I helped her into her dress and took the alterations that needed to be made. I am also going to alter this wedding dress.  Once all the clients had left, I got on with making the patterns and toile for Caroline's shrug, whilst Elaina continued with Lucy's dress.


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