Raised and based in Nottingham, Amber Snow is a womenswear fashion designer who enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional fashions and making waves with her designs. Starting off as a self employed freelance pattern cutter, seamstress and co-designer, Amber Snow helped to design and produce up-and-coming collections for a renowned bespoke bridal business which were featured in various fashion magazines such as Save The Date and BTN.

After completing a Foundation Degree through Nottingham Trent University and being awarded a First for her graduate collection, she was offered a place at London College of Fashion. After a short period of study in London she transferred to Birmingham City University to complete her degree, during this time she continued developing her own freelance design and pattern cutting business where she began to build a respectable reputation for herself.

Graduating from Birmingham City University in 2014, she launched an exciting and hypnotic couture collection at Graduate Fashion Week in London where she caught the eyes of like-minded creatives from the capital and the fashion community. By blending traditional couture techniques and silhouettes with her other interest in modern online youth trends, she introduced a casual, street wear movement into couture, giving it a new and young twist.

This approach helped to establish her as an exciting up-and-coming designer, with her designs being featured in a number of blogs, online and printed magazines including Flawless, Bricks, Couture Troopers and The Derbyshire Magazine. In the short space of 4 months since completing her degree Amber has continued to gain increasing recognition for her designs after participating in a number of collaborative and commissioned works, including her most recent commission with iconic model Audrey Kitching for Ladygunn Magazine in New York.
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