Long time, no see.

Heey guys!

I just wanted to explain myself and the reason behind me disappearing off the face of the earth. It's just,  I'm crazy busy! More specifically trying to get the final year of uni finished. To be completely honestly with you I didn't realise how long it had really been since I last posted, I initially thought it was about 5/6 months, but now logging on after all this time, I'm suddenly embarrassed to be told that the last time I posted was almost a year ago.

Things have been so busy but at the same time, extremely exciting and fun. It just feels totally strange to know that after all this, the end of my education is around 12 weeks away. 

At this point I have finished my final collection, which is a couture collection. I'm just tidying up the last few features ready for it all to be photographed for various shoots, including the 'Look Book' that will be featured at GFW this summer. 

 I haven't forgot about this blog, in fact I have tonnes of updating to do and I can't wait to get all my new stuff out there. I've had loads of great opportunities and I'm just trying to find the time to update this blog and my portfolio. For now it will just have to remain super embarrassing and around 2 years out of date. Great. 

Thankyou all for your patience, I thought it was best to explain myself and give you an honest reason for my absence. 12 weeks and counting, watch this space for my new website, new Instagram account and of course updated blog and portfolio. 


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