Baroque Couture - Week 6

Week 6:

Tue 23rd - (10 to 5)
When I got into the studio this morning, I was given the task to order some more feather trimming to complete the shrug for Caroline. I ordered a further 3 metres of Marabou feather trimming in Ivory/off white. Once I had finished the order, I helped Elaina make a large circular pattern to cut out the 'polo' shaped flounces which will form the skirt part of bride Gemma's wedding dress. We finished the pattern and cut out 2 'polos' to make a draped and voluptuous skirt which I then seamed and pinned into position onto the bodice of the dress. 

Once I had finished that section of Gemma's dress, we both then moved on to alter the basic patterns for new bride Caroline's (the other one) dress. We lengthened the back panels to allow for a longer train as Caroline was quite tall, as well as add additional flare into the side seams of the skirt.

Thur 26th - (9:30 to 7:30)
Today I showed Elaina around Manchester and we visited 'Afflecks Palace' finally! Afflecks Palace is an old fire station situated in the Northern Quarter of the city, which has been converted into an alternative shopping complex full of new, young and very unique businesses. The complex is founded upon hundreds of independent companies from Gothic/Steam - Punk stores to small customisation businesses.

 I have known about Afflecks for a while now after my sister showed me around the place for the first time when I was younger. Every time I go to Afflecks it is always different and I have noticed that over the years it has become more and more popular, to the point where a number of Elaina's clients, (the Steam - Punk bride and Lucy the pin - up bride) have also visited the complex. I told Elaina about Afflecks when I first started the placement and we have always said we would go but each week it has been re-scheduled. But we finally went and obviously Elaina jumped at the opportunity to learn and experience something new and she loved it! We were in Afflecks for around 3/4 hours and we also looked around the surrounding streets that featured a number of similar, independent alternative stores. I brought a new fur coat and Elaina also brought a coat and shirt with unique creative cutting as well as trinkets and jewellery she plans to use in the Steam - Punk shoot.

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