New Year, New Start (Apparently).

Seeing as it's the New Year tomorrow, I am completely determined to have a fresh start and follow my dreams and work towards my aspirations. This morning I wrote my 'New Years Resolutions' which consisted of 26 new things I really would love to achieve in 2013.

Today I am feeling possative and inspired about the life I have built for myself, the person I have become and the path I am taking towards a career in fashion. I feel like it's the right choice for me, regardless of all the troubles I have been through and I can get there if I keep doing the things i'm doing and work even harder. I don't need to be a student at London College of Fashion to be successful or recoginsed. I can get there myself with faith and happiness in my heart.

My inspirations for 2013.

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See you in 2013 


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