Final Collection at Trent

Sorry it's been actually ages since I made my last post, alot of things have happened in that time: from finding and accepting my next university placement, to going to my new uni as well as so many other things that are just too much to explain in just one post!

So for now I just want to show you my final collection I made when I was at Trent!

My collection was called 'No Youth', and was a 5 piece collection which I made in just 2 weeks after a very quick 8 week design process! I literally did not eat, sleep and at some points, even wash to make sure that I got this collection done in time. It was really hard at times and quite intense, but the final result was amazing and all my hard work secured me a place at London College of Fashion, progressing into the third year on the Fashion Design programme.

The concept I decided for the collection was mainly Punk, mixed up with classic British patriotism and a strong dose of equality and feminism. I wanted the collection to appear striking and bold, but at the same time reflect the delicate accents of the female silhouette as well as compliment a dark and dominant under-tone. 

In many previous projects leading up this this final project, I had tried to experiment with a unique creative pattern cutting technique, so this was also a huge influence in my final collection. 

[gallery ids="64,91,115,133,155,184"]
There were over 4500 studs, alot of flag print and leather, a bit of spandex and PVC and a few moments of tears. It was worth it all in the end though.

[gallery ids="205,226,251,270,295,327"]

Above are a few pictures from the manufacture process of some of the garments.

[gallery columns="4" ids="341,360,376,388,403,419,431,448,458,471,484,493"]

Hope you enjoyed it :)

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