Well I've woken up in quite alot of pain this morning, things do not seem to be improving but I guess I need to keep patient. I need to pop back into the clinic in Nottingham today to have a look at the damage, which i'm dreading.

I've been trying to do abit of my uni work to keep my mind off the pain, it's sorta helped but then I get bummed out about how much work I actually have to do. I sat down at my desk this morning and it's like this. To put on top of all of the crap, Jon's just got up straight out of bed and put his new Cher Lloyd CD which I purchased him for Xmas straight on to listen to. It's going to be one of those days today, I know it. Now to clear this desk and get to the clinic hopefully. 

I also actually need to clean the fish today as well, they keep staring at me from their bowl whilst i'm sitting at my desk, trying to guilt-trip me and distract me about the fact that they're still swimming in green water. Sorry guise! You'll be clean soon, I just need to mend first.

Talk later anyways.


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