In case you didn't know, I used to have pink hair. I loved it so much but it was quite difficult to keep on top of and my hair wasn't in that great condition, so I had a break from it for abit. But since being on my FDa course, I've really wanted colourful hair again becuase it's so much fun and i'm constantly reminded that when I see the people in my class change their hair all the time. WELL JEL!

So I thought, what better time to dye my hair as i'm visiting Paris next month, i'm having fun at uni and i'll be having 'Top Up' interviews soon. My friend Lina and I have decided to dip die our hair this weekend and i'm seriously looking forwards to it, plus it's going to be a girlie day with my mum! I'm going barbie pink, lilac and violet, and Lina is going blonde. So excited!

To get an idea of what I mean by crazzzy colours, check out these awesome dye-jobs courtesy of http://fuckyeah-hair.tumblr.com. I picked out my faves cos there were millions! Havveee fun.

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