Christmas 2011

Well I didn't really want much at Christmas because there wasn't really anything I needed. I don't see the point in having something that isn't useful and I'd much rather have something I can use at university in my fashion studies instead of a pretty necklace I wouldn't really wear.

But I did ask for 1 of 2 books from my partner. Because I am so obsessed with Dior, I wanted the new 'Dior Couture' book by Patrick Demarchelier. The book was released on December 6th, so I knew it would be pretty hard to get one, even more at Christmas.

So if he couldn't get that, then I would love to have the 'Tim Walker - Pictures' book, because I am also in love with him quiiite alot. I knew both of these books were almost £100 if not more each, and they were also released really close to Christmas, so I honestly wasn't suprised when my partner told me he couldn't get either of them.

So I asked for a pretty charm for my Pandora bracelet.

But I had an amazing Christmas anyway with my brother, grandad and mum.

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My mum got me tonnes of kool stuff like a cute cupcake maker, some completely relevant charms for my bracelet she got me for my 20th and actually millions of threads and fashion stuff like Pinking Shears and bobbin cases. Proper fashion student presents!

I got a Kelly Rowland album and so yummy lush bits from my brother and some pennies from my grandad.


When I saw Jon later that day, guess what he gave me!

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He got me all of them, I actually wet myself! What a little sneak! I'm getting excited now thinking about it!

And just to make things even more crazy, when my sister came down a few days after, she gave me this!

A limited Edition of 'Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty'. Ahhhh. They are all completely amazing, and when I get a scanner I will be having a good scanning session so I can share them with you.

I know I sound completely spoilt but I never even expected that I would get all this, I know I am so so lucky.

I'm so excited!


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