Baroque Couture - Placement Evaluation

Baroque Couture - Placement Evaluation

I really learnt a lot during my time at Baroque. I mainly learnt that I stress abit too much and I make things far to complicated and hard for myself when they don't have to be. I spend too much time and effort focusing on all the little things, trying to get everything perfect when it doesn't even matter in the first place and I will still get the same end result. Elaina has been a very inspirational figure to me, considering that she is completely self taught and all the skills and knowledge she knows about dress making she had pick up along the way, she has such a unique and different way of working which still reflects a professional and refined foundation that is vital in dress making, especially bespoke couture.

I didn't expect this experience to be so laid back though, this is defiantly not meant in a negative way, but through all of my experiences within the last 5 years of further education I have been told that the industry is very brutal, you have to have proper qualifications, you have to have proper experience, you have to be the best within everything you do, this is fashion. But since working with Elaina, I almost feel like I have wasted these last few years trying to compete with everyone to be the best and trying to know everything about fashion and pattern cutting when really all it boils down to is passion and just going out there and doing it. I feel like some of the things I have spent my time learning in the past are  not relevant at all now and will never be, because I can still get to where I want to be without knowing silly little things that have nothing to do with the area of business I want to work in, in the first place.

I have also learnt that I am quite a slow worker, but once again, that's because I am always focusing on getting absolutely everything perfect, even if it doesn't matter. But still, perfection normally is key within couture. 

Overall I am very grateful for the experience I have had with Elaina, it was lovely to see how such a personal and intimate business works and how the livelihood of the business depends on its clients. This experience has confirmed for me that I defiantly want to continue to progress into  Couture/Haute Couture, as it is an area I feel that I am a respected professional adult in and not a patronised little child. I can used the skills I have trained to learn such as pattern cutting and tailoring which I truly enjoy. But most of all I can be my creative self and adapt with the things that I continue learn about couture, to better myself so that I can realise my own dreams.

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