Baroque Couture - Week 2

Thur 28th - (10am to 5 pm)
I started to make the alterations on the wedding dress for Helen who is getting married in around 3 weeks time. I pinned the bust support and hand stitched it to the inside of the dress. I measured and cut the hem to the new length. This took me most part of the day. I also met a man Called Liam Murray who is a professional costume maker who specialises in 'Steam-punk' and has made costumes for the Royal Ballet. He came to meet Elaina to discuss ideas for a Steam Punk wedding dress she is making for a private client. He gave her contact details of people he knows, e.g alternative photographers and bespoke metal workers.
Here is his Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liam-brandon-murray-steampunkoverlord/235119159761

Friday 1st - (1 to 5.10)
 I finished the hem on the Wedding dress and completed the alterations. I really struggled with the foot on the sewing machine that helps to create a neat double turn under on the hem, I spent around 2 hours practising on samples before I moved onto the final dress.

Hem practise samples . . 

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