D.I.Y Nuts and Bolts Collar

A few days ago I made a wicked Nuts and Bolts Collar to add to an old ran - down jumper I got from Oxfam. It's for a Uni project, which is in conjunction with the local Oxfam store, where basically Oxfam have donated a load of unsellable items to the fashion students and want us to customise the garments to promote Recycling and D.I.Y. I think its a brilliant idea and it's right up my street.

I made the collar from the legs of some old jeans to keep in with Recycling theme, which I then spray painted a metallic gold and went on to pattern and customise.

Heres how I did it if you're interested . .

[gallery columns="4" ids="140,163,195,221"]

. . Remember to spray paint outside . .

[gallery ids="248,269,290"]

Make sure to cut out the patterns carefully and transfer all the notches across to make sewing a little easier . .

[gallery ids="313,332,344,358,377"]


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