Design: No-Youth S/S 2015

No-Youth is about being individual, independent, young and proud, but sometimes youthfulness can be confused or generalized with disruptiveness and an unfair assumption is given through visual judgement. This Spring/Summer range is a study of British society and youth culture, where the way of life is explored and questioned to determine why labelling happens. It looks at the effects stigmatization may have on those individuals who have been unfairly judged and isolated, and communicates the requirement for some young people to grow up quicker than others in order to fulfill roles of great responsibly, such as becoming carers or parents etc. It challenges how some young people can still be categorized because of a generalized concept within society towards young adults, even though for some, they have had no childhood and no youth.

Its heavy foundations of punk and gothic culture provide structure for the traditional traits and colour palette of the collection, and serves as a respectful celebration of British distinction and identity. Key shapes and silhouettes are informed by the anatomy of the human body, supporting a confident projection of creative pattern cutting to compliment the bold and distinguishable elements of British patriotism and punk. The final collection is grungy, dark and distressed contrasted with a structured and dominant feminine focus, all centered around British culture and pride.

Much like Dimensional Perceptions, No-Youth S/S 2015 has been produced with an Eco-friendly approach throughout the design and manufacture of the collection. All leather items and features within this range have been up-cycled and made from salvaged old or damaged biker leathers that may have otherwise been discarded.


Straight jacket dress with pleated spine draping

Rib cage stencil jersey dress worn with studded denim distressed crop jacket

Studded leather thong pant worn with distressed Union Jack cape

Gimp suit with studded leather cod and rear piece

Avant Garde studded leather pants and jacket set worn with studded leather lace up stockings

Deborah Selwood - Photographer
Ramario Chevoy - Stylist
Monica Montalvo - MUA
Sarah Wright - Nails
Annette Grey - Hair Stylist
Ailyce - J'Adore Models MCR

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