Design: Dimensional Perceptions A/W 2014

It is within human nature to build a perception of the things that surround us before gathering an educated understanding. We believe what we see without question but in certain circumstances, things are not what they appear and may hold a level of complexity and depth that may surprise us. Dimensional Perceptions explores these differences and questions what makes humans judge and categorize before understanding. Built on a broad range of concepts, the collection is inspired by the harsh categorization of stigmas within society such as physical or mental disabilities and challenges our pre-judgmental attitudes towards these topics. It looks at how individual equality and acceptance can be restricted with these social labels and promotes a liberation by breaking these stigmas.

Natural deceptions such as light refraction, crystal geodes and visual illusions also stand as a foundation for the collection. The image distortion from light refraction and the natural geometric shapes of uncut crystals are used as a foundation for silhouette and detailing. The marbling and ombre colours of the crystals inspire and inform the palette of the collection. Molecular polarisation and microscopic crystal patterning stand as an inspirational focus for fabric textures and print effects. The concept of illusion and questioning perceptions is portrayed through the collection by challenging expectations of couture and introducing a casual, young element with subliminal messaging.

Indigo blue shot chiffon gathered crop top

Ombre geometric print gown with Jade, Peridot and Prenhite gemstone zip pull

Heavy weight mixed wool iridescent Opal coat with Amethyst gemstone buttons

Mixed wool inch knit Rhodonite knitted jumper

Hand beaded chiffon and tulle Rhodonite gown skirt

Chiffon tiered Labradorite gown with Jade, Peridot and Prenhite gemstone zip pull

Hand beaded dip dye jersey smock top

Commissioned Knitter - Shana Terry

Jonathan Riley, Graphics Editor

Paul Storer - Photographer

Gemma Mahoney - Stylist
Sarah Vinter - MUA
Kimberley Morris - Hair Stylist

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