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Amber-Louise Snow introduces Bermuda, a casual apparel branch based around comfortable, wearable, fun Ready-To-Wear clothing, that will be available to buy in the near future within the Amber-Louise Snow label. Bermuda will feature mini capsule collections that will be extremely fun and influenced by up and coming/current trends and fashion forward prints, slogans, patterns and textiles paired with the distinguishable Amber-Louise Snow couture style bead work, embellishments and finishing.
The first range to introduce the new Bermuda branch, will be Virtues of Venus, seen and commissioned for an exclusive feature in Old Tat Magazine LDN, Issue 2 – The Sugar Coated Issue.
Virtues of Venus is a casual Ready-To-Wear capsule collection with a dominant couture foundation featuring unique and playful bead work, embellishments and high quality finishing, paired with soft, simple, wearable RTW shapes.

Virtues Of Venus
The sea covers almost 70% of the earth’s surface, to this day approximately only 5% of the sea has been explored leaving a remaining 95% yet to be discovered.

Our oceans are vast, beautiful and inspiring places, which support and are home to many species of mammals, fish, micro-organisms and other different creatures living in their own Eco-systems. Unfortunately, our oceans have been increasingly disregarded and exploited by humanity, who sometimes show ignorance and careless tendencies towards them and the life within. This disturbs the ecological balance of many essential Eco-systems within our oceans, as well as having a huge detrimental ‘domino’ effect towards so much life within each environment and effecting additional Eco-systems around our shore lines, coasts as well as on land. Virtues of Venus aims to increase consideration towards our oceans encouraging their protection, so that we are able to continue to explore and learn about how resourceful, beautiful, diverse and important they are to our planet.

Practicality, ease and comfort form the foundations for the silhouettes across the capsule, creating a subtle contrast with the playful but striking embellishments of each piece. A soft pastel colour palette stands as a clear canvas to boldly display detailed bead work features, as well as complimenting the concept and inspiration for the range. Greek Mythology more specifically, Venus the god of love, introduces a delicate, classical Grecian element, bringing a structured story line as well as communicating a refined elegant and feminine appearance.

OLD TAT Magazine - VOV BTS and Q&A

SHOP 'Virtues Of Venus' NOW

SHOP 'Virtues Of Venus' NOW
Deborah Selwood - Photographer
Amber L Snow - Stylist
Monica Montalvo - MUA
Sarah Wright - Nails
Annette Grey - Hair Stylist
JoJo Pearson - Model

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